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Meredith Wealth Planning operates as a fee-only firm. That means we do not accept commissions, or even other source of revenue outside of the annual fee we charge clients. We also adhere to a fiduciary duty at ALL times with clients.

The intention of this business model was to remove conflicts of interest that commonly exist between financial advisors and their clients. To take it a step further, a flat fee structure was implemented.

We don’t charge you more just because you have more money. A larger portfolio does not always mean more work, time, or resources from the advisor.

This helps remove the conflicts of interest when choosing the proper products to help implement a plan. Clients no longer have to question whether an investment was recommended because it was in their best interests, or in the best interests of the person recommending it.

Mark Meredith, CFP®

Mark Meredith founded Meredith Wealth Planning in 2019 after determining throughout his advisory career that those who paid more were not always getting more and that many would be better served under a flat-fee model.

Scott Wimmer, CFA, CFP®, EA

Scott joined Meredith Wealth Planning in 2022 after Mark and him had been friends for over a decade. Scott is the lead advisor for all new clients of the firm, and brings extensive expertise on investments, financial planning, and taxes.

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