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We take a personal approach to planning.

Meredith Wealth Planning works very closely with clients and believes in building long-term relationships by giving great ongoing advice at a great price. Check out some success stories below:

Get More, Pay Less
Joe & Lisa
Age(s): 50 and 52
Occupations: Physician’s Assistant and Marketing Director
Primary Goal: Get more value for the fees they were paying, try to understand their total portfolio better, and make sure they are on the right path to retirement.
Stabilize Retirement Cash Flow
Louis & Susan
Age(s): 73 and 71
Occupations: Retired
Primary Goal: Find a way to increase or stabilize cash flows so that they could remaining in their primary residence. Make sure their risk tolerance was appropriate in their investment portfolio.
Clean Up a Messy Portfolio
Justin & Kelly
Age(s): 43 & 41
Occupations: Lawyer & Chief Marketing Officer
Primary Goal: Make sure that their portfolio is aligned with their long-term savings needs and is allocated properly
These are hypothetical client situations and do not involve any actual clients of Meredith Wealth Planning

Your Planning & Investment Specialists

We take a very thorough approach when it comes to managing your wealth. Below are several key areas we focus on with our clients:

Tax planning
Keeping your lifetime taxes to a minimum and building a tax-efficient portfolio & distribution strategy
Accumulated wealth
Create a custom investment plan that is rooted in academic research, not emotions and opinions
Retirement planning
Medicare premiums, Social Security, Pensions, Roth conversions, distributions etc. We help put together the puzzle in the most optimal manner.

Meet the team

Meredith Wealth Planning is comprised of two experienced and credentialed financial planners. As of January 2023, the firm currently helps over 150 clients from 11 different states, and oversees more than $190 million in assets under advice

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Mark Meredith, CFP®
Mark Meredith is the founder and sole owner of Meredith Wealth Planning. He started the firm in 2019 after determining throughout his advisory career that those who paid more were not always getting more and that many would be better served under a flat-fee model.
Scott Wimmer, CFA, CFP®
Scott joined Meredith Wealth Planning in 2022 after Mark and him had been friends for over a decade. Scott is the lead advisor for all new clients of the firm, and brings extensive expertise on investments and financial planning.
Simple, Equitable, Flat Fees
$500 monthly flat fee per client household
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Why fees matter

Unlike most advisory firms that operate under an asset-based fee structure, Meredith Wealth Planning does not believe in charging a client more simply because they have more money. We do not typically see an increase in overhead expense or time involved simply because someone has a larger balance.

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