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Meredith Wealth Planning works very closely with clients and believes in building long-term relationships by giving great ongoing advice at a great price. Below are breakdowns of different

Clients: Joe & Lisa
Ages: 50 and 52
Occupations: Physician’s Assistant and Marketing Director
Primary Goal: Get more value for the fees they were paying, try to understand their total portfolio better, and make sure they are on the right path to retirement.
Clients: Louis & Susan
Ages: 73 and 71
Occupations: Retired
Primary Goal: Find a way to increase or stabilize cash flows so that they could remaining in their primary residence. Make sure their risk tolerance was appropriate in their investment portfolio.
Clients: Justin & Kelly
Age: 43 and 41
Occupations: Lawyer & Chief Marketing Officer
Primary Goal: Make sure that their portfolio is aligned with their long-term savings needs and is allocated properly
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